Design your workplace… But how?

I write, so sitting in a busy office with people running in and out and interrupting me every 20 minutes really messes with my flow.

So I spoke to my supervisor about working more from home, and she graciously agreed.

That presents a host of other problems. Once my daughter and husband are out the door, I survey my apartment and see:

  1. Her breakfast strewn in bits all over the floor;
  2. A full laundry basket;
  3. A multitude of tiny tasks I could be doing to tidy up and help my mind “relax” so I can focus on work.

So I head to the cafe on my street. Because they serve a mainly elderly clientele, it’s a fairly peaceful place to work.

The only problem: they don’t have wifi. Well, that’s only a problem if you’re not prepared. I call up all the articles and webpages I need before I leave home, and open my disconnected laptop to read them at my leisure. Problem solved.

Maybe there’s one more problem: they play the radio fairly loud, and there’s really only so much Lana del Rey one woman can take (including, I’m sure, Lana del Rey herself).

So where’s the ideal workplace? Coworking spaces? I haven’t given them a shot yet, but I can imagine they might present some of the same challenges as my office does.

Help, bloggers, freelancers, copywriters, ghost writers, writers of the world! How do you do it?

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